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WM2023 PAC Meetings and WM2024 Topic Development meetings
WM2023 PAC Members/ Supporters,

I would like to update you on the WM2023 PAC Meetings and our WM2024 Topic Development meetings.

Please mark your schedule to attend the WM2023 PAC meeting and reception on Saturday, February 25 (17:00 - 20:00). We plan on having the Individual Track meetings from 17:00 - 18:15 in the Hyatt Ballroom and the regular group PAC meeting starting immediately afterwards at 18:15 to present the results from each Track for WM2024 Topics (agenda attached). All PAC Members and Supporters should attend if they want to help organize WM2024.

A reception follows the PAC meeting starts at 19:15. The reception for WM PAC Members and their Guests will continue until 22:00 at the PCC. (We are asking the PAC Supporters to identify their PAC Member sponsor if they are attending the reception. Attending PAC Supporters and Guests are welcome to attend with a PAC Member Sponsor.)  Please click this link to RSVP no later than Monday, February 9.
On Sunday afternoon at 15:30 we will have our annual IPAC meeting at the PCC (agenda attached). For our IPAC Asian and European annual meetings, we are still determining venues and dates. We prefer the meeting be with a related nuclear conference. Since WM2024 is our 50th year, we will feature all countries and their developments.  We will discuss more about these two meetings held outside the US at the Sunday IPAC meeting.
Near the end of the conference on Thursday, March 9, we will resume with the WM2024 Topic Development Meetings. Each Track can meet separately starting at 07:00 at the Thursday Speaker’s breakfast where individual tables are set for each Track and topics discussed. At the working lunch on Thursday, (~11:45 - 12:50) (agenda attached) the Track Co-chairs will present their revised Topics. And later after the closing WM2023 Thursday reception, we have an evening meeting beginning at 17:45 at the PCC on “WM2023 Lessons Learned and Improvements” for WM2024.  Other volunteers may attend any of our Thursday meetings so you may invite individuals who are interested in becoming a PAC Supporter. Please consider making your hotel reservations to stay for the Thursday evening meeting, but it is optional to attend any of these meetings.
For reference, we have also added the Minutes of our last PAC and PAC meetings from the September PDM.

Please note that the above various PAC and Topic Development meetings are very important to WMS to further our mission of Education and Global Information Exchange and prepare for WM2024.
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